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Activate Search Secure on your browser’s search bar to stay protected from harmful websites, phishing links and many other online threats. Also, enjoy easy access to web search.

Search Secure is a free & secure browser extension that protects you from harmful websites, pesky ads and several other damaging online activities.

Secure search engine

Search for anything online with confidence

Real-time alerts

View identified and analyzed threat reports

Safety shield

Get instant indication of online threats

Easy installation

No settings or customizations required

Unique Features

Search Secure is integrated on your browser and doesn’t require any manual settings or customizations. It provides you with a secure environment to browse anything you want online, with an instant threat identification feature. It helps you to stay protected from harmful websites by quickly identifying hidden threats and shows web links that are safe to browse.

Search Secure scans websites in real time to alert you about any emerging threats that might go undetected by most search engines.

For every search you make using Search Secure’s safe browser search bar, a green shield icon appears against site links indicating it is safe to open and browse.

To check if the site you’re browsing is completely safe, click on the Search Secure shield icon placed on the top right corner of your browser. On clicking the icon, you will see a detailed report of threats analyzed and detected.

These include, but are not limited to, malware, social engineering, unwanted software, potentially harmful application and many other online threats that are analyzed in real-time.

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With Search Secure you can easily find out if the information you’re browsing online is safe

1. Click "Allow" to install Search Secure

2. Click "Add" to confirm

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